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Three-Suburbs South
- bicycle tour -
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Years ago, the working-class suburbs immediately south and west of the city like Surry Hills, Redfern and Chippendale were associated in the popular imagination with pestilence, poverty and crime. Over recent years they have been undergoing a renaissance of sorts with a steady influx of squatters, students, artists and other creative types who have built a thriving contemporary art, architecture and design scene.
Sticking to bike paths, back lanes and quiet streets you will experience Sydney at her grooviest, the route and conversation structured around a number of contemporary projects, contested sites and politically charged themes. You will discover projects large and small including small back-lane renovations, houses (including the the 2011 WAF Best House in the World), public and cultural buildings,contemporary landscapes, important indigenous sites and social housing.
This is no touristic join-the-dots of familiar places. It's an exploration of a completely different (and much cooler) side of Sydney; an insider's tour with a two-wheeled architectural twist.

3.5 hours (incl coffee break). Up to 12 people.
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- SAW Bike Tour 02-
Three-Suburbs Central
- bicycle tour -
SAW Bikes 02
Drifting along Sydney's formerly industrial western edge we will explore the stretch of land between Darling Harbour and Chippendale, the part of Sydney undergoing the most dramatic of changes. It is also the strip where the sharpest oppositions are playing out between memory and newness; economy and politics; inspiration and corruption opening up conversations big and small.
The route and the conversation will be structured around a number of contemporary architectural and urban projects, contested sites and politically charged themes. These include recent headline projects by Frank Gehry, Jean Nouvel, Durbach Block Jaggers and DCM. However, you will also discover transformative small 'a' architecture by some of Sydney's local heroes like William Smart, CHROFI, Tonkin Zulaikha Greer, Aspect, FJMT, Silvester Fuller and others.
This tour is an exploration of these gritty, rapidly changing and completely mixed up inner-city suburbs, weaving a very different narrative through Sydney.

3.5 hours (incl coffee break). Up to 12 people.
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- Bike Tour Details -
$90 General/$80 Concession (you have your own bike).
$30 bike + helmet hire.
Max 12 people per tour
9.30am-1:00pm (includes 20-minute coffee-break)

Town Bike Pitstop. 156 Abercrombie St Redfern.
It's a five minute walk from Redfern Station or a 20 minutes walk from Central Station. The café is cool and the coffee is fabulous! Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the start time.

The route is as safe and quiet as possible, a combination of bicycle paths, pavements, laneways and back streets. However, you will still need to be a reasonably confident cyclist
. Gloves are a great idea if its cold, and a sun visor or beanie will fit under your helmet. Sunscreen is also a great idea (don't forget the back of your neck and hands!). Rain coat provided in case of unexpected wet weather.
We will not compromise your safety (and we're not complete sadists) so if it looks like there will be shitty weather (and we're not talking a little bit of drizzle) the tour will be cancelled and you will receive a full refund. We require a cell/mobile number as part of your booking and will contact you at least 90 minutes before the scheduled tour if (and only if) it is cancelled.
Your payment is fully refundable if your booking is cancelled 72 hours or more before hand. The 100% refund will be applied directly to your credit card. Payment will not be refunded for any other reason (i.e. weather, change of travel plans, illness, missed train, missed plane, overslept...) within 72 hours of the scheduled tour.
Email info@sydneyarchitecture.org or check out our FAQ's
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"The bike tour is really loose and fun – perhaps a little bit dangerous. Not the route but the conversation! A really surprising side of the city is revealed as we focus on the inner-city suburbs that are undergoing the most rapid gentrification. They are in flux and the tension is palpable. Even locals that live and work in this part of Sydney are surprised by the projects we unearth. It's fab!"
- Interview in Timeout-Sydney
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