- Custom Tours -
Customised architectural tours of Sydney. From one-hour to multiple-day itineraries. Any group size.
If you have a special request, particular interest or certain arrangments you need met then a Custom Tour might be for you. Prices vary depending on duration, group size and any particular requests you might have so the more you can tell us the easier it will be to draw up a program and quote.
What we OFFER.
We are architects and we organise guided tours for individuals or for large groups focused on architecture and urbanism in Sydney. Usually they are walking tours but sometimes they are bicycle or bus tours. Tours range from one-hour to multiple-day itineraries but two to three hours is typical. They are fun, they are informative, they are inspiring and they're probably not at all what you might expect an ‘architecture tour‘ to be.
Please check out our tripadvisor reviews to get a feel for what we do and how we do it. Better yet - join us on one of our public tours.
SAW Custom Tours

SAW guides are architects and city experts. Our tours and conversations revolve around the city's most inspiring contemporary projects and the ideas and forces that pull and push at Sydney like its tides; through its architecture Sydney's story unfolds.

Tours are professionally organised and delivered in an informal, conversational and light hearted manner (we don't take ourselves too seriously!). Just as important as our professional experience and expertise is our enthusiasm and ability to communicate clearly and directly. Conversations are lively and inclusive and our language is simple (not simplistic) and pitched to the level of our audience.
How we draw up your program.
Based on your group size, available time, specific area of interest and your groups level of design experience we will sketch up a tour itinerary that suits your needs. Appropriate meeting points, coffee breaks (very important), food stops and end points are all considered to ensure the experience is as enjoyable, inspiring and informative as possible. Upon demand and with larger groups we employ a state of the art wireless communications system at a small addiitonal per-person cost.

We have grown organically since 2000 and done so independent of any government or corporate assistance so our conversations are, by necessity, sharp! 

SAW is a member of the Guiding Architects Network, a group of 40 member cities around the world offering guided architectural tours led by professionals. This relationship allows us to draw on the resources and experience of our colleagues in other cities.
SAW Clients.
We conduct tours throughout the year for university groups, study abroad programs, architectural offices, design, engineering and planning professionals, incentive and team building groups, high school, primary school and social groups. We have conducted tours for groups as small as 1 and as large as 140 - but groups of between 10 and 30 is most common.
Get in touch.
Get in touch and tell us what you have in mind. The more you can tell us the easier it will be to respond. Bear in mind that prices vary depending on duration, group size and any particular requests you have. Email us at info@sydneyarchitecture.org
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