- Gift Cards -
Sydney Architecture Walks offers Gift Cards / Gift Vouchers that can be redeemed on any walking or cycling tour. Purchase a dollar value and the recipient is free to use this as credit whenever and however they choose.

What to do.

1. Click on the link above and set the value of the Gift Card.
2. You will be asked for your name and the name(s) of the recipient. You can also write a personal message.
3. Let us know if you would like us to prepare a graphic version that looks a bit like the image above. This will be sent to you within 48 hours as a pdf. You can print it or forward it on as you choose.
4. Pay with your credit card.
5. Check your inbox for order and payment confirmation. The codes will be provided in your confirmation email and can be used immediately.
6. Within 24-48 hours we will email you a personalised Gift Card and a list of upcoming tour dates.
7. They will come, they will love it and we will shower you with praise. Actually, more likely scenario is that it will rain, they forgot their brolly and the next time you meet it will be really awkward - just don't blame us!
How to redeem.
1. Your Gift Card will have instructions and a unique code .
2. The holder of the Gift Card can book on any tour.
• Gift Cards are valid for 12 months from the purchase date.
• The value can be redeemed on any tour.
• They cannot be exchanged for cash.
• No refunds will be given after sale of Gift Cards.
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